Grow Cycle Solutions Inc.

Anethum is working on the Grow Cycle Solutions Inc an indoor agriculture and distributed generation initiative. We combine Architecture, Engineering, Agriculture and Information Technology to produce high efficiency multi-use building envelopes, rainwater management, on-site thermal and electrical generation, control systems and analytics to support hydroponic growing. We do this so that we can economically replicate, scale and adapt facilities that are low maintenance and with low operating costs while producing increased crop yields, greater crop variety, decreased water use and a 365 day growing environment. The small and medium scale models are designed to help make approximately 40,000 small farms in Alberta more economically viable while applicable internationally. Our approach with these models is to make these small farms more viable by increasing revenues and decreasing operating costs while remaining simple enough to be widely distributed. For larger facilities, the designs can be paired with stranded natural gas wells to generate agricultural revenues from an otherwise stranded asset.


Barefoot Scholar

Barefoot Scholar is an initiative to explore online and blended course offerings from Anethum personnel and other partners. We plan to make use of both content expertise and curriculum development skills to further what education is available and how it is presented. Courses that are developed or are in development include topics such as Barriers to Creativity, Psychology and Communication, and Creative Writing.